Why Join Renaps?

Why Join Renaps?

Why join RENAPS ?

10 Your values are our values

We’re guided by 5 core values: competence, integrity, collaboration, wellness and agility. Do you share those values? Then your place with us!

9 People come first

We encourage free exchange of ideas, respect for differences, and wellbeing in the workplace for everyone.

8 Learning, always learning

At RENAPS, we promote learning and certifications we are also open to welcome new grads in order to share our knowledge and passion.

7 Your professional evolution in good hands

Your goals may change as your career progresses. Want to change domain in IT? We are at your side to help you!

6 Get inspired by your colleagues

In an environment of great cultural diversity, you will have the opportunity to constantly enrich yourself by contacting the colleagues who surround you.

5 Forget the notion of “routine”

Challenge and variety are constants here. From the work you do to the people you meet to the places you travel, we’ll keep you on your toes.

4 Strike a balance that works for you

You are human, so we are! We ensure that our employees are able to find a good balance between private and professional life.

3 Count on us for career growth

Our steady growth is the guarantee of your evolution. We favor the personal development of our team members.

2 Your Love for Travel

You will have the opportunity to travel and work throughout Canada and internationally.

1 Immediate involvement

You want to start working directly on challenging projects from day one? Count on us!


Let's make RENAPS great !

Amin Attarzadeh