ORMIT™-Cortex Webinar #2

Launching ORMIT™-Cortex 2.0 - A cheaper than free Oracle to PostgreSQL migration solution (vs ora2pg)

Join us Tuesday March 24th, 2022 for an in depth discussion on migration from Oracle Database to PostgreSQL including a LIVE DEMO of ORMIT™-Cortex 2.0, our latest version of our automated migration tool. 



Oracle Forms to Java Automated Migration Live Demo

Oracle Forms to Java Automated Migration Live Demo

Without the right tools, a migration from Oracle databases to an Opensource solution such as PostgreSQL can bring lots of challenges.  

Join Patrick Hamou (CEO) at RENAPS and Michel Schopgens (COO) as well as Marc Angenent (CTO) from Splendid Data for the official launch of ORMIT™-Cortex 2.0 (Automated tool to migrate from Oracle database to PostgreSQL). We will perform a live demo and a case study comparison to ora2pg.

If you’re thinking about getting out of Oracle or if you are interested in learning about the migration automation, come and learn the many insights that will be covered in this discussion.

Topics of the webinar:

  • Why migrate from Oracle Database to PostgreSQL?
  • Launching version 2 of our ORMIT™-Cortex
  • Our straightforward automated migration approach & Demo
  • Why is an ORMIT™-Cortex Migration cheaper than Free (ora2pg study case)

WHEN: THURSDAY MARCH 24, 2022 at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

DURATION: 45 minutes + Q&A


Oracle Forms to Java Automated Migration Live Demo

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