Oracle® Licenses Management Services

Software Asset Management Services

Software Asset Management Services

With over 14 years of experience, our lead Oracle® consultants are highly acknowledged licensing experts.


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Software Asset Review and Optimization

When was the last time you actually reviewed your Oracle® contract? Most Oracle® customers think of their contracts as simple purchasing documents, a formality that allows them to use Oracle® software.

Audit Intervention Mediation Services

Are you currently under the threat of an Oracle® license audit? What are your options? Is your software sales representative pressuring you with the “audit policy” to get you to agree to a deal because a quarter ends?

ULA Optimization

Oracle® License Optimization Made Simple. Consult your Expert Today! Your Oracle® Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a substantial investment in which every installation and license requirement counts. 

Software Purchase

A simple solution for complex data centers. Oracle®’s complex licensing metrics and their un-communicated changes to the rules mean there are ever-present compliance pitfalls in this environment.