Software Purchase

Software Purchase

A simple solution for complex data centers

Oracle®’s complex licensing metrics and their un-communicated changes to the rules mean there are ever-present compliance pitfalls in this environment.

Oracle® licensing purchase

Our team of experts brings a comprehensive & deep knowledge of Oracle® licensing as well as contracts and acquisition models. Our goal is to understand your needs, and help you purchase the most suitable and cost-effective licensing solution for your environment. We help you achieve the best ROI with complimentary advice from our Oracle® licensing experts.

Optimize your Investment

Buying software, like any other business expenditure, is an important aspect to effectively managing IT costs. To that end, a thorough understanding of a company's pricing and licensing practices can help you make informed decisions regarding software purchases. We are committed to keeping our customers informed while advising the most optimized licensing solution for our customer needs. Our goal is to help you optimize your investment by enhancing your understanding of Oracle's licensing and pricing practices.

Why Renaps?

As an Oracle® Platinum Partner, RENAPS is the most trusted source for Oracle® licensing solutions. We offer advices to optimize your Return on Investment while working with you to chose the most cost-effective models.

  • Oracle® Licensing & Support Discount

  • Strategic Consulting on Oracle® Support Renewal

  • Oracle® Technology Assessment Consulting

  • Maximize your Return on Investment

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