Bug 13011409 - ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd] can occur

Bug 13011409 - ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd] can occur

Bug 13011409 - ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd] can occur


Posted by Patrick Hamou on 2017:09:28 18:39:47

Bug 13011409 ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd] can occur

 This note gives a brief overview of bug 13011409. 
 The content was last updated on: 28-JUN-2013
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Affects: Oracle Server (Rdbms)

Product (Component) : Oracle Server (Rdbms)

Range of versions believed to be affected : Versions BELOW 12.1

Versions confirmed as being affected : 


Platforms affected : Generic (all / most platforms affected)


Fixed: 13011409

The fix for 13011409 is first included in

  • (Base Release)
  • (Server Patch Set)
  • Database Patch Set Update
  • Bundle Patch 12 for Exadata Database
  • Patch 10 on Windows Platforms

Interim patches may be available for earlier versions - click here to check.

Symptoms: ORA-600

  • Internal Error May Occur (ORA-600)
  • ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd]
  • Stack is likely to include kkscscid_auc_eval

Related To:

  • (None Specified)

Description: ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd]

ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd] can occur during cursor sharing checks.

Rediscovery Notes

ORA-600 [kglLock-bad-byd] with kkscscid_auc_eval() in the call stack.


Flush the shared pool

Getting a Fix

 Use one of the "Fixed" versions listed above

 (for Patch Sets / bundles use the latest version available as

  contents are cumulative - the "Fixed" version listed above is

  the first version where the fix is included)


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Please note: The above is a summary description only. Actual symptoms can vary. Matching to any symptoms here does not confirm that you are encountering this problem. For questions about this bug please consult Oracle Support.


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