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Oracle Software Asset Management (SAM): Oracle Licensing Guidance

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Oracle Software Asset Management: Get the most of your Oracle Licensing Investment

Get the most out of your Oracle Licensing Agreement

  • Get Oracle ULA Advices: Our Oracle ULA Experts will make sure our Oracle ULA Guidance will be profitable for your organization

  • Reduce your Oracle License Consumption: Get Oracle License Help and Maximize your Oracle Licensing Lifecycle ROI.

  • Oracle License Advisory: Maximize your Oracle License Utilization.

Most Oracle customers think of their contracts as simple purchasing documents, a formality that allows them to use Oracle software. Oracle knows this, and optimized its contract process based on the strengths and weaknesses of their customers’ procurement and negotiating processes. With every consolidation, new purchase, migration, or contract change, there is an opportunity for Oracle to reverse what customers previously negotiated. Also, Oracle has made more than 90 acquisitions in the last 10 years, providing substantial opportunity for Oracle to improve the legacy terms and conditions in its favour. As a result, most Oracle customers are surprised by what their contracts actually contain. This is why any Oracle negotiation, cost-reduction exercise or new technology deployment must start with what is allowed by the customer contract. Oracle often overlooks this, insisting their business practices trump these contracts.

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Oracle License Management: How to get the most of your Oracle license agreement

RENAPS License Management Services promotes the management, governance and awareness of the proper use and distribution for Oracle systems through expert services.

Its goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge, best practices and tools to manage and maximize your Oracle license investment.

The range of services is based on a unique mixture of Oracle IT solutions, licensing policies expertise, and proven methodologies. Each of its services has been designed to address specific Oracle solution management requirements and to deliver long term value.

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Oracle Approved Automatic Software Asset Inventory Management

Oracle’s complex licensing metrics and their un-communicated changes to the rules mean there are ever-present compliance pitfalls in this environment. Following Oracle®’s specific licensing rules, RENAPS effectively calculates the true license demand and seamlessly closes the gap that gives your organization a complete view by effectively consolidating information about low-level hardware details, physical and virtual machine mapping, and software usage.

Our Oracle licensing validation and Oracle ULA assessment ensure you get the most out of your Oracle ULA deployment all within your Oracle licensing budget. Get your Oracle licensing guide today to find out how we can help with your Oracle licensing contract.

Oracle Licensing Advices: Let our Oracle licensing expertise benefit your organization

Reduce your Oracle licensing costs and stay on the right side of compliance: The goal for all companies is to “right-size” Oracle across the enterprise and gain back control.

The Holy Grail for most Oracle-based companies today is to optimise their Oracle licenses and get genuine value for money throughout their organisation.

But that’s easier said than done. Oracle’s license definition and rules change on the back of acquisitions and mergers, as do their licensing agreements, business practices and price lists. Managing your licensing (let alone optimising it) can be a time consuming task and it’s little wonder so many organisations pay over the odds, or fall foul of Oracle compliance, often resulting in costly audits and corrections. It’s a complicated process, but the following three tips will set you on the right path to Oracle License: Optimisation – and help you ‘right size’ Oracle throughout your organisation.

Get your Oracle ULA Analysis now: precisely measure your Oracle ULA usage and get a detailed view of your Oracle ULA comsumption

With RENAPS, you get fast, expert access to:

  • Automatically calculating the true license demand with our automated scripts, following Oracle®’s very specific metric and licensing rules;
  • Alerts for high risk situations, such as installing on a cluster, detecting under-licensing, or detecting missing data for license metrics;
  • Oracle installations, options in use, types of machines, and virtualization;
  • Advanced License Optimization that evaluates two different metrics to find significant cost reduction for a product;
  • Detailed compliance reports to mitigate under-licensing and audit risks.

RENAPS can help your organization with:

  • Oracle License Assessment

  • Oracle ULA inventory

  • Oracle ULA Expertise

  • Oracle License Validation

  • Oracle Licensing Help

  • Oracle License Agreement

  • Oracle Licensing Advisory

  • Oracle licensing usage analysis

  • Oracle ULA Management

Get Oracle licencing experts help now !

Get your Oracle licencing guide now !
Oracle licensing agreement - The Audit at the End of Your Oracle ULA Contract: Oracle License Inventory and Oracle ULA validation

Oracle licensing agreement - The Audit at the End of Your Oracle ULA Contract: Oracle License Inventory and Oracle ULA validation

May 31 was the last day of Oracle’s fiscal year.  As a result, many companies have ULAs (unlimited license agreements) with Oracle that expired and must now be certified.   Certification of a ULA is highest risk point in the ULA lifecycle and often results in customers facing multimillion dollar true up costs.  That’s right, after 2 or 3 years of not counting your Oracle installations, now is the time when you have to go through the audit process and tell Oracle how many licenses you are using.  This process can cost you millions of dollars if not properly managed.

Oracle licensing agreement - The Audit at the End of Your Oracle ULA Contract: Oracle License Inventory and Oracle ULA validation
Oracle ULA Lifecycle: Why is the Oracle ULA certification process so risky?
Oracle ULA Lifecycle: Why is the Oracle ULA certification process so risky?

Oracle ULA Lifecycle: Why is the Oracle ULA certification process so risky?

Better management of your Oracle licensing budget

On the surface the ULA sounds like a great deal.  If managed correctly, this licensing vehicle can be tremendously advantageous.   However, many clients fall into the complacency trap.  They are sold a ULA contract on the basis of “not having to count” and “use as much as you can.”  Then at the end of the term they are ill prepared to have to actually manage their license usage.  Many times they just extend the ULA and spend millions of dollars for the freedom of not counting for another 2 or 3 years.  This type of extension is just delaying the pain and increasing your liabilities down the road. Eventually you have to count.

Get Oracle License expertise and simplify your Oracle ULA

Oracle licensing analysis: Your simplified Oracle ULA will maximize your Oracle license investment

With RENAPS, you get :

  • Oracle ULA help and Oracle ULA advisory

    Get Oracle licensing expertise and Oracle license advices.

  • Oracle license guide and Oracle ULA Guide

    Get Oracle license guidance and Oracle ULA education material such as Oracle ULA training and Oracle licensing education material.

  • Oracle licensing Inventory and Oracle licensing consumption

    Get the most of your Oracle license deployment

  • Simplified Oracle License

    Our team of Oracle licensing experts will assist you along the process.

  • Match your Oracle ULA Budget with our Oracle ULA services

    Maximize your Oracle licensing investment and minimize your Oracle license budget

  • Simplify your Oracle License Obligations

    Get the most out of your Oracle ULA investment by measuring exactly what is your oracle license usage

  • Experts Oracle licensing services

    Oracle license lifecycle optimized by our experts

  • Oracle master agreement verification

    Check the validity or your Oracle Master Agreement.

  • Simplified OLSA

    Thanks to our Oracle license experts, get a simplified Oracle licensing assessment and Oracle licensing management solution.

  • Oracle ULA contract validation

    Oracle license contract and Oracle licensing utilization validation services.

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