Oracle ULA Optimization - Licence management services

Oracle ULA Optimization - Licence management services

Oracle License Optimization Made Simple. Consult your Expert Today!

Oracle License Optimization (Oracle ULA Optimization)

RENAPS has helped many organizations keep operating expenses low, which is why we provide dedicated Oracle experts who can:

  • Evaluate the ULA’s cost-effectiveness based on your company’s software usage, then uncover the most economical way to procure the licenses;

  • Monitor your ULA lifecycle from start to finish, and initiate the necessary steps for renewal or expiration

Your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a substantial investment in which every installation and license requirement counts. RENAPS is adhering to best practices to review your Oracle license agreements and provide you with a compliance report from the resulting comparison. RENAPS will identify shortfalls as well as license underutilization.

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ULA Licensing Assessment & Advisory Support: Oracle Approved Automatic Software Inventory

Oracle’s complex licensing metrics and their un-communicated changes to the rules mean there are ever-present compliance pitfalls in this environment. Following Oracle®’s specific licensing rules, RENAPS effectively calculates the true license demand and seamlessly closes the gap that gives your organization a complete view by effectively consolidating information about low-level hardware details, physical and virtual machine mapping, and software usage.

With RENAPS Oracle ULA Optimization services, you get fast, expert access to:

  • Automatically calculating the true license demand with our automated scripts, following Oracle®’s very specific metric and licensing rules;
  • Alerts for high risk situations, such as installing on a cluster, detecting under-licensing, or detecting missing data for license metrics;
  • Oracle installations, options in use, types of machines, and virtualization;
  • Advanced License Optimization that evaluates two different metrics to find significant cost reduction for a product;
  • Detailed compliance reports to mitigate under-licensing and audit risks.

Why RENAPS Oracle License Optimization?

  • Oracle Licensing & Support Discount

  • Strategic Consulting on Oracle Support Renewal

  • Oracle Technology Assessment Consulting

  • Maximize your Return on Investment

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, RENAPS is the most trusted source for Oracle licensing solutions. We offer Free advices to optimize your Return on Investment while working with you to chose the most cost-effective models.

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Oracle ULA Optimization Services

The Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is Oracle’s preferred licensing contract. Their ULAs bring Oracle the largest sums of new license revenue streams and protect Oracle’s sacred support/maintenance streams.  ULAs can also be good for some Oracle customers. If properly negotiated, managed, and certified, an Oracle ULA allows an organization to deploy large amounts of software at a much smaller per unit cost.

If this sounds too good to be true, its because it is.  The ULA contract is drafted in a way that puts the client at risk of non-compliance and can eventually require a very expensive ULA renewal or extension.  Not only is the contract very one-sided in Oracle’s favor, but Oracle has inserted their license audit team (LMS) into the ULA process. It’s not in the contract, but when you signed that ULA, you basically signed up for an audit that cna have devastating effects on your organization.

RENAPS end-to-end ULA Optimization Service

The ULA contract is drafted in a way that puts the client at risk of non-compliance

We offer a complete end-to-end ULA Optimization solution that frees your organization from the ULA licensing uncertainty that can come with an ULA. Whether you are thinking about a ULA, negotiating one, in the middle of the ULA, or at the end looking to certify, our team can empower your organization to achieve your ULA goals.

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