Oracle ULA Mediation: Guide to plan an Oracle Complicance Audit

Oracle ULA Mediation: Guide to plan an Oracle Complicance Audit

Avoid getting caught in oracle license non-compliance: Oracle ULA non-compliance can potentially cost you millions !

How to prepare for an Oracle ULA Audit: A guide to Oracle ULA Compliance

We can guide you through:

  • Oracle licensing cancellation and Oracle licensing dissolution

  • Oracle license non-compliance and Oracle licensing proper use

  • Oracle license negotiation and Oracle licensing mediation

  • Oracle ULA Divestiture

Is your software sales representative pressuring you with the “audit policy” to get you to agree to a deal because a quarter ends? Is your business changing, placing you at higher risk of an Oracle audit?If so, RENAPS licensing experts and negotiators can help.

Download the Oracle licensing audits intervention guide

Oracle license negotiations: Oracle licensing cancellation, Oracle ULA dissolution

We have a proven ability to identify significant cost savings and avoidance, flag potential risks, and develop a powerful action plan to put you in the best possible position for current and future negotiations.

Oracle license audits and Oracle licensing negotiations are time consuming, disruptive to your business, and often result in multi-million dollar non-compliance findings. There is a reason why Oracle audits so many of its own customers. At RENAPS we’ve assembled a team of Oracle license auditors and contracting professionals to assist you through the entire Oracle audit process. We have a proven methodology and strategy that strengthens your position, reduces your risk, ensures you are treated fairly throughout the process, and can save you millions of dollars in unnecessary license claims.

Oracle licensing mediator and Oracle license council

We are experienced Oracle license mediators: before you sign any additional support and maintenance agreements with Oracle, contact us to speak with an Oracle compliance expert. 

As the global leader in independent Oracle advice, completely focused on Oracle software obstacles and solutions, we are perfectly placed to help you understand the facts.  You will minimize your financial exposure and maximize your control over audit conditions.

Oracle license cancellation / Oracle licensing annulment

We can help you manage your Oracle license agreements and mitigate costs & risks by  avoiding Oracle licensing non-compliance. As an Oracle Platinium partner, RENAPS has a deep understanding of Oracle’s complex licensing requirements. We will generate a confidential inventory of the Oracle infrastructure to determine if existing licenses are in compliance. We will also identify any unused licenses and recommend ways to optimize license renewals.

Oracle licensing remediation, Oracle license annulment

RENAPS Oracle Licensing Assessment and Remediation service combines validated data with proven expertise to help customers maximize the return on their Oracle investments.

Our Oracle licensing mediation services can help you with :

  • Oracle licensing negotiations

    We can help with your Oracle ULA negotiation

  • Oracle ULA Cancellation

    Contact our experts: put our Oracle ULA mediators to the test and prevent risks associated with oracle licensing annulment

  • Oracle licensing audit

    We are experienced in Oracle licensing mediation: let us help you prevent Oracle licensing penalties.

  • Oracle ULA penalties: avoid Oracle license penalties

    We will validate your Oracle ULA proper use and prevent costly Oracle license lawyer fees.

  • Oracle ULA annulment and Oracle license remediation

    Our Oracle license mediators can help prevent Oracle license dissolution risks.

  • Oracle licensing divestiture

    Oracle license divestiture can void your Oracle ULA license and possibly lead to an Oracle license audit.

Get your oracle licensing mediation guide

Get your copy of the Oracle licensing audits intervention guide

Oracle ULA Audit

Organizations that face an Oracle License Review are at particular risk.

According to the Campaign for Clear Licensing study, 88 percent of organizations find it hard to understand and respond to Oracle License Review requests. In addition, survey respondents do not
feel empowered to make their own licensing decisions.

May 31 was the last day of Oracle’s fiscal year.  As a result, many companies have ULAs (unlimited license agreements) with Oracle that expired and must now be certified.   Certification of a ULA is highest risk point in the ULA lifecycle and often results in customers facing multimillion dollar true up costs.  That’s right, after 2 or 3 years of not counting your Oracle installations, now is the time when you have to go through the audit process and tell Oracle how many licenses you are using.  This process can cost you millions of dollars if not properly managed.

Oracle ULA license non-compliance

You will be audited at the end of your ULA.  Oracle’s customer audit team, LMS, even has a brochure online touting their “free” ula certification services. Please keep in mind that Oracle does not refer to these services as audits.  In fact, they say that “LMS ULA Services are neither audits nor reviews, but opportunities for customers and Oracle to work together.” 


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