Oracle to PostgreSQL migration: Ora2Pg is free. But Ormit™-Cortex is cheaper. How?

Oracle to PostgreSQL migration: Ora2Pg is free. But Ormit™-Cortex is cheaper. How?

Ora2Pg is fee. But Ormit™-Cortex is cheaper. How?

Real life comparison between Ormit™-Cortex and Ora2Pg to gain insight into the disadvantage of free migration tools.


Posted by Patrick Hamou on 2022:07:12 19:19:27

Ora2pg vs Ormit™-Cortex

The Atos Database Modernization program aims to convert legacy databases to open source or cloud databases at the highest level of automation for the lowest cost. And so to help our customer make the best decision for their business, in terms of the best product to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL, we agreed to do a comparison between Ormit™-Cortex and Ora2Pg to gain insight into the differences between them.

Atos selected a reference Oracle database of sufficient complexity to ensure it was representative of the type of databases that their enterprise customers are planning to migrate. The reference Oracle database contained approx. 160,000 Lines of Code PL/SQL (packages, package bodies, functions and procedures), including approx. 6,700 Lines of Code SQL related to views.

To ensure complete impartiality, Atos performed the assessment and migration with Ora2Pg and Splendid Data performed the same tasks with Ormit™-Cortex. After both had carried out their work, the results were exchanged and discussed, and reflected in findings and business cases.

Assessment phase

The differences between Ormit™-Cortex and Ora2Pg were considerable. During the assessment (see results table below) it appeared that Ora2Pg didn’t recognize more than 50% of the objects in the assessment. Yes, over half. This largely related to the objects linked to the business logic (DML) in the Oracle database. About 95% of the functions and procedures defined in the Oracle Package bodies were not recognised by Ora2Pg at all.


Estimated time of migration

Both Ormit™-Cortex and Ora2Pg gave an estimated time, in work hours, for completing the migration – these are the work hours required to carry out any manual adjustments. The results that came back were surprising. Ora2Pg provided an estimate that was more than twice as long as Ormit™-Cortex. Added to this, Ora2Pg didn’t detect the majority of the business logic – this would dramatically affect the accuracy of the estimated manual time needed to complete a migration. In contrast, Ormit™-Cortex provided insight into 100% of the objects in the Oracle database which creates a far more solid base for a time estimation.

After the assessment results had been completed and discussed, we took both Ora2Pg and Ormit™-Cortex into the migration phase.

Migration phase

Going through the migration phase we could see that Ora2Pg did in fact, leave out most of the business logic (DML). Atos made several attempts to carry out the migration with Ora2Pg with different settings, but the results did not improve. Ormit™-Cortex, however, was at the other end of the scale and was able to migrate nearly 100% of the Oracle data objects (DDL) and approx. 71% of the Oracle code objects (DML) to native PostgreSQL.


Let’s look at the mutual findings from the assessments and migrations


Ora2Pg is complex to use and not so effective for this type of database, and there’s hardly any support to master your assessments and migrations.

Ora2Pg delivers hardly any reports after performing a migration, so you’d have to find out the details when you manually do the migration.

In this example, to migrate the reference database, you would likely need at least 2,733 hours (expert level) for the manual adjustments, calculating 2 hours per function/procedure that are missing (readjusted for 100% of the business logic).

The good news for Ora2Pg is that there’s no license cost…it’s free.


Ormit™-Cortex is more efficient, user friendly and effective, plus you can really master your assessments and migrations.

Ormit™-Cortex delivers many detailed reports such as a GIT repository with all the results and a Jira population file to manage your manual adjustments. As a result, it supports a DevOps way of working.

With Ormit™-Cortex you would need 201 hours (expert level) for manual adjustments for 100% of the Business logic.

The cost of Ormit™-Cortex to assess and migrate this complex Oracle database is 5,000 CAD$ (note: the license costs of Ormit™-Cortex vary with the assessed complexity of the database to be migrated).

The good news: The total cost of migrating the database with Ormit™-Cortex is much, much lower than with Ora2Pg…see the business case below.


Now let’s look at the numbers



The total cost of the migration using Ora2Pg would be 340,000 CAD$ (see breakdown below):

  • 340 workdays at 1,000 CAD$ per workday all-in average rate is 340,000 CAD$
  • License cost of Ora2Pg is 0 CAD$.


The total cost of the migration using Ormit™-Cortex would be 30,000 CAD$ (see breakdown below):

  • 25 work days at an average rate of 1,000 CAD$ per work day is  25,000 CAD$
  • License cost of Ormit™-Cortex is 5,000 CAD$


ORMIT™-Cortex is cheaper than free…and for this database 91% cheaper than free

From this assessment and migration, we can see that for just one database, you would spend 2,500 hours less of your development capacity. Naturally these hours could be better spent bringing more IT-benefits to your business – let alone the obvious cost implications.

It’s clear that Ormit™-Cortex has a far superior TCO and is much more efficient and effective than Ora2Pg, especially when an Oracle database contains DML (PL/SQL).

Free is not the cheapest. In fact, in our test it cost at least 10x more overall.


“After this comparison, Atos will be advising customers who wish to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL as part of their database modernisation, to choose Ormit™-Cortex. It’s clear they will save on migration costs, the migration project duration and enjoy the added benefits of user friendliness and better control.”

– Erik Cramer, Atos Global Portfolio Director Database Modernization


To learn more about Ormit™-Cortex in detail, you can watch our last weebinar about Ormit™-Cortex HERE. 

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