Oracle Reports Migration to JasperReports: Embracing modern open source reporting

Oracle Reports to JasperReports Migration: Embracing modern open source reporting

Oracle Reports Migration to Jasper Reports: Embracing modern open source reporting

Oracle Reports Migration to JasperReports with ORMIT-Jasper: Simplifying the Migration Journey while embracing modern open source reporting


Posted by Patrick Hamou on 2024:05:28 19:23:39

Understanding the Current Landscape

With Oracle’s official deprecation of Oracle Reports, organizations relying on this tool are at a crucial juncture. According to Oracle’s Statement of Direction, the official migration path leads to Oracle Analytics Publisher. However, market dynamics suggest a different trend. A significant shift is occurring towards open-source solutions, driven by the need for cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and community support. Among the open-source options, JasperReports stands out as a leading choice, offering robust features and a future-proof platform.

Official Deprecation Notice for Oracle Reports

Oracle Reports has been deprecated as of Fusion Middleware 12c Release 2 ( No further development is planned, with only critical bug fixes and necessary updates for compatibility with new technology stacks. Oracle recommends migrating to Oracle Analytics Publisher, their strategic product for enterprise reporting. This tool supports authoring, managing, and delivering reports against various data sources using web browsers or familiar desktop tools. For more information, refer to the Reports Statement of Direction.

Why migrate Oracle Reports to JasperReports?

JasperReports, one of the most popular reporting engines int he world, has emerged as a dominant player in the open-source reporting tools market. According to Enlyft, 5611 companies use Jaspersoft, this number seems low compared to the fact that JasperReports Library has more than 600,000 monthly downloads. Its popularity stems from several key advantages that make it an attractive alternative for organizations looking to transition from Oracle Reports. Here are some compelling reasons why JasperReports should be considered:

1. Cost-Effective Solution: As an open-source tool, JasperReports eliminates licensing costs associated with proprietary software. This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership, making it an economically viable option for businesses of all sizes.

2. Extensive Customization: JasperReports offers extensive customization capabilities, allowing organizations to tailor their reporting solutions to meet specific business requirements. The flexibility to create custom reports, integrate with various data sources, and apply complex formatting ensures that businesses can achieve their unique reporting needs.

3. Active Community and Support: The vibrant community around JasperReports provides a wealth of resources, including forums, documentation, and community-contributed plugins. This active support ecosystem helps in troubleshooting issues, sharing best practices, and accelerating the learning curve for new users.

4. Integration Capabilities: JasperReports seamlessly integrates with a wide range of data sources, including relational databases, NoSQL databases, and cloud-based services. Its compatibility with various data environments ensures that organizations can leverage their existing infrastructure without extensive modifications.

5. Advanced Features: JasperReports offers advanced features such as interactive reporting, scheduling, and multi-language support. These capabilities enhance the overall user experience and provide comprehensive reporting solutions that cater to diverse business needs.

6. Scalability and Performance: JasperReports is designed to handle large datasets and complex reporting requirements efficiently. Its scalable architecture ensures that performance remains optimal even as data volumes grow, making it suitable for enterprises with demanding reporting needs.


Ensuring Feature Parity with Oracle Reports and BI Publisher

Customers can be assured that all functionalities available in Oracle Reports and Oracle Analytics Publisher are also included in JasperReports. For a detailed comparison of reporting technologies and their features, you can refer to this comprehensive analysis by RENAPS. JasperReports matches and often exceeds the capabilities offered by these proprietary tools, providing a robust and flexible reporting solution.

Oracle Reports Migration to JasperReports with ORMIT-Jasper: Simplifying the Migration Journey

RENAPS understands the challenges organizations face in migrating from Oracle Reports to a new reporting platform. To facilitate a smooth and efficient transition, we offer ORMIT-Jasper, an automated migration solution specifically designed for this purpose. Here’s how ORMIT-Jasper can help:

1. Automated Conversion: ORMIT-Jasper automates the conversion of existing Oracle Reports to JasperReports, reducing the manual effort and time required for migration. This automation ensures accuracy and consistency in the migrated reports, eliminating migration risks, and drastically reducing the migration budget and timeline.

2. Comprehensive Support: Our solution provides end-to-end support throughout the migration process, from initial assessment to post-migration validation. Our team of experts ensures that the transition is seamless and that the new reporting environment meets all business requirements.

3. Minimized Downtime: With ORMIT-Jasper, the migration process is streamlined to minimize downtime and disruption to business operations. Our approach ensures that critical reporting functions continue to operate smoothly during the transition.

4. Enhanced Training and Resources: We offer comprehensive training and resources to help your team get up to speed with JasperReports. This includes hands-on workshops, detailed documentation, and ongoing support to ensure a successful adoption of the new platform.

Oracle Reports : Future-Proofing Your Reporting Platform

The deprecation of Oracle Reports presents an opportunity for organizations to future-proof their reporting infrastructure by adopting a more modern, flexible, and cost-effective solution. JasperReports, with its open-source nature and robust features, stands out as a leading choice in this transition.

By leveraging RENAPS’ ORMIT-Jasper solution, businesses can ensure a smooth migration from Oracle Reports to JasperReports, maintain reporting continuity, and position themselves for long-term success in the evolving technology landscape. Embrace the power of JasperReports and take the next step towards a more agile and sustainable reporting environment.

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