Introducing: RENAPS Access Manager

RAM: Access Manager for Oracle® Forms & Reports, Oracle® JET and Oracle® BI Publisher

Posted by admin on 2019:01:02 17:07:15

RAM: Access Manager for Oracle® Forms & Reports, Oracle® JET and Oracle® BI Publisher

Written by Patrick Hamou, President


A Fast & Secure Access Management Solution

RENAPS has helped clients navigate their Oracle® environments for the last 15+ years thanks to our strong relationship with Oracle® and our unparalleled knowledge of their products.

Today we announce the launch of a new product that we believe will greatly help clients that run Oracle® products. It's called RENAPS Access Manager (RAM)

RAM is a light, elegant and powerful access management solution for Oracle® Forms and Reports, JET and BI publisher Single Sign On integration.

Why did we create RAM? For increased security, productivity and Savings.


User login and password management systems are key to your company's security, this is an undisputable fact. Without a proper user access management solution, large organizations are vulnerable to cyber threats. In fact, most cyber security breaches originate from password mismanagement. Oracle® products especially benefit from such password solutions since many Oracle® application users work remotely, from different workstations and need to log in and out frequently.

Unfortunately, the current Oracle® access management solution, OAM, is bulky and so complex that the prospect of implementing it has become overwhelming to the point that it is discouraging IT managers from implementing a single-sign-on solution for Forms & Reports.

If your organization uses Forms & Reports this isn’t revelatory. Our solution, RENAPS Access Management (RAM) however, might be.

RAM will enhance security  where used - with a real time dashboard, automated password resets and blocking of suspicious activity.


Productivity & Savings

Access management solutions lead to direct increases in productivity. Research has shown that each employee loses the equivalent of $420 a year on password related issues. If you factor in helpdesk costs, you start to see the significant impact on productivity and your bottom line.

Our savings calculator can tell you how much your organization stands to save with RAM. You can try it here.

RENAPS Access Manager Features: 

Here is how RAM will make your life easier and increase your company’s productivity and profits:

  • It is Custom built – RAM is the only access management solution specifically built for Oracle® Forms & Reports, BI Publisher and Oracle® JET.
  • It is lightning fast - RAM can be deployed in a high availability cluster configuration and be operational within an hour.
  • It’s Forms browserless mode (FSAL) compatible - RAM enables single sign-on to Windows to get automatic access to Oracle® Forms in both browser or browserless (FSAL) modes.
  • It enhances security - with a real time dashboard, automated password resets and blocking of suspicious activity.
  • RAM is now open to other Oracle® applications through the standard SDK.

You can find additional information and technical specifications on RAM here.


We’ve analyzed Oracle®’s own access management solution OAM, we’ve listened to clients tell us how intimidating, bulky and heavy it is. We’ve seen IT managers stop using OAM simply because the access management solution would be too costly to manage both in time and resources.

With RAM we’ve developed a custom, easy to use and nimble solution with more functionality and less complexity than OAM.

We’re currently offering a free trial of RAM and would love to talk about how this solution can help your organization increase employee productivity and stem losses.

let's talk and see how RAM can help your company.


Patrick Hamou