Why and How to Migrate automatically from Forms to Java

Forms to Java Automated Migration

Oracle Forms to Java Automated Migration

ORMIT™-Java automatically migrates your Oracle Forms to a modern three-layer architecture based on a Java platform


Posted by Patrick Hamou on 2019:11:25 20:46:48

Why Migrate from Oracle Forms to Java?

Java, an open source framework, is one of the most powerful and openly available programming languages. It's also a very popular language among developers. There is a real desire to migrate away from Oracle Forms to Java. Why then are decision makers still hesitant to migrate away from Forms to Java?

Simply put they consider the risk to reward ratio too significant to take the leap.  Until today the prohibitive costs and complexity associated with a migration has deterred organisations from migrating to Java. 

ORMIT™-Java, our new Forms to Java automated migration tool is a game changer. It is the only fully automated Forms to Java Migration tool. Why is that important?

  • It is at least 50% cheaper than a manual migration
  • It significantly reduces the migration time
  • It eliminates the risk of manual migrations error
  • It is a secure phased process that allows you to switch back to Forms at any moment

Other solutions that claim to be automated are not. Any developer that has Looked under the hood of an Oracle Forms application will tell you that rewriting the application is not a viable option. ORMIT™-Java proposes an automated migration that converts the Form’s user interface, the business logic, all Oracle Forms object types and triggers automatically.


What the end results looks like:

  • User interface identical to Oracle Forms
  • The same ease of development as Oracle Forms
  • The same transaction handling
  • The same key mapping
  • The same application modes (e.g enter query, etc.)
  • Similar or better performance and responsiveness
  • Migration of both User interface and business logic

This visual shows the old User Interface in Oracle Forms (left) and the new one, on the right, in Java. The UI can be the same if required

When? Today!

Oracle Forms is one of the most used enterprise software development tools of the past 40 years. Many legacy systems run on Forms and Oracle continues to offer support and enhancement for its Forms products. RENAPS remains a staunch supporter of Oracle Forms and offers products and services to upgrade and modernize Oracle Forms 12c. We will continue offering support for organizations wishing to stay in a Forms environment.

Nevertheless, the reality is that the popularity of Oracle Forms as a development language has diminished and Forms developers are harder to come by. Legacy systems built with Forms date back at least 20 years and are susceptible to security issues. Finally, Oracle’s licensing costs have made running Forms increasingly costly. For these reasons, businesses are looking to move away from Forms to Java.

Many organizations are pivoting from Forms to Java for the following reasons:

  • To break away from prohibitive licensing costs associated with Oracle Forms
  • Because many of their more modern applications are run in Java
  • To match the knowledge base of their developers
  • To Fast track Forms Developers transition to Java is much feasible with our approach
  • To avoid security risks 

If you plan on migrating from Oracle Forms to JAVA, ORMIT™-Java is the only automated tool around. It mitigates the risks, time, and costs associated with a migration and executes the process gradually while maintaining the same trigger based programming approach as Forms to ensure a smooth transition to Java for your Forms developers.

Don’t wait for something to break or for your Forms developer to retire, migrate from Forms to Java today with ORMIT™-Java and secure the future of your applications!

Posted by Patrick Hamou on 2019:11:25 20:46:48

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