Case study: Oracle forms automated migration to Java

Case study: Oracle forms automated migration to java

Case study: Oracle forms automated migration to java

Fortune 1000 Automobile Manufacturer headquartered in the US market contacted RENAPS in late 2019 with a desire for an automated migration solution to move from Oracle Forms and Reports to Java. They have over 10,000 Employees with locations around the world and divisions with little to no interaction. Their goal was to have one unified Java platform and ultimately migrate their environment to the AWS Cloud.


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Ora2pg vs Ormit™-Cortex

Initial Situation

The organization faced significant challenges with a Limited Oracle Forms Manpower, Technological supportability, and Speed to Market 

Corporate business alignment shifting away from Oracle’s lock-in.

RENAPS was hired to Complete the project with the highest automation rate possible, to save time and money.

Overall Project Methodology

Our Forms to Java Migration process combines the powerful automation of our proprietary ORMIT™ Java with the ease of transition from both the developers and the end users with limited to ZERO user retraining of the migrated application:

  • Pre-Migration Analysis: o Analyzed all Oracle Forms and Reports Objects using ORMIT™-Analyzer to determine precise information regarding project automation, manual steps, dependencies and all other required project aspects;
  • Setting up of migration project environment, including current application, Java Application Server and the database;
  • After splitting the project into phases, Migration of application using RENAPS migration tool ORMIT™-Java; o Preparation and analysis of each object and creation of templates to show the migration modifications details automated or manually;
    • Fully automatic conversion of the form’s appearance (windows, canvases, etc.) and data model (blocks, relations, fields, etc.) to RFXML format;
    • Review migration logs and fix any issue that was not handled during automated migration;
    • Fully automatic conversion of business logic from PL/SQL to Java;
    • Improved the overall look & feel of the migrated application leveraging automation and some manual adjustments;
  • Provided knowledge transfer to the existing Oracle Forms developer to ensure a smooth transition of the support as well as detailed documentation;
  • Tests and adjustments as necessary of the migrated application o Unit testing including User Interface checks and key mapping to make any necessary adjustments;
    • Assist in functional testing and User Acceptance testing by Customer

Detailed Project Results & Achievements

As part of this mandate, RENAPS carried out the migration of this Oracle Forms system to a JBoss open-source application server leveraging Vaadin/JavaScript and HTML5.

This project led to significant reduction in system maintenance costs. ORMIT™-Java generated high-quality and easy to maintain code allowing us to gain better supportability and speed to market without having to rewrite or redesign our application. Both the project cost savings and the risk avoidance are immeasurable. This Migration allowed the customer to solve several issues inherited from an earlier technology:

Objectives / Pain points


Prohibitive licensing costs

▪ Eliminated 8 Oracle Forms and Reports CPU licenses

▪ Reduced the Oracle footprint and yearly Oracle Software Update and Support costs by $50,000US/year.

Avoid end-user Retraining

▪ Maintained all existing Oracle Forms keymapping and application modes. As a result, the customer did not require any end-user retraining and gained in overall application performance.

Lack of Oracle Forms Manpower

▪ Trained current Oracle Forms Developer in Java

▪ Increased the client’s maintenance flexibility and onwards supportability;

Technological limitations

▪ Eliminated Oracle Forms’ known technological limitations (such as the need for specific Java client versions on each client PC or specific Browser requirements) as the migrated application only requires a modern browser capable to run JavaScript code;

Standardize/Unify the enterprise development platform to Java

▪ This goal has been achieved as the client has now eliminated Oracle Forms from its ecosystem with Java as the enterprise standard for all in-house developments.



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About ORMIT™ Suite

The ORMIT™ suite consists of several automated tools that assist in migrating/modernizing Oracle Forms and Reports applications as well as converting any Oracle Database to PostgreSQL. RENAPS is the only company with a comprehensive suite that can address current and future requirements of Oracle Forms and Reports applications users. Compared to any conventional migration process, our tools results in significant cost savings by reducing migration project efforts and duration and eliminating the possibility of manual migration errors

Posted by Patrick Hamou on 2022:09:22 14:53:10

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