Software Developer - Backend Engineer

Software Developer - Backend Engineer

Date: Jun 06, 2024
Location : Remote Position (USA)

Key Responsibilities:
Data Management & Ownership:
• Design, develop, and maintain the system's data import and export functionalities.
• Implement Python-based Sync Workers or FAAS tasks using Playwright and similar python libraries to retrieve structured financial data from remote websites, including metadata information, transactions, and documents.
• Strong focus on data accuracy and ability to write error-free high uptime services
• Ensure a robust data pipeline to avoid duplications and guarantee prompt data delivery in sync with external portal updates.

Testing & Monitoring:
• Build a comprehensive monitoring system to track the health and reliability of data imports and exports.
• Implement and maintain thorough testing protocols to validate the functionality and performance of backend processes.

Collaboration & Communication:
• Collaborate with a geographically dispersed team to integrate backend services with other system components.
• Contribute to various backend projects, providing expertise and support where needed.
• Translate product team goals into actionable engineering tasks.

Technical Expertise:
• Experience in backend development, with a strong understanding of Python
• Experience with MongoDB, Typescript, NodeJS a plus
• Additional Skills:
• Experience in building and maintaining data import/export services and monitoring systems.
• Competency in developing robust, scalable, and secure backend systems.

Soft Skills:
• An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
• Self-motivated and capable of driving tasks to completion in a remote work environment.
• Adaptable to evolving project requirements and able to prioritize tasks ePectively.

Cultural Fit:
• An innovative thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset. • Passion for working in a startup atmosphere and the ability to collaborate ePiciently across teams.

• Relevant experience in backend engineering, preferably in environments with dynamic data pipelines.
• Familiarity with data synchronization and the challenges of working with large, complex data sets.

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