How to Win at the Oracle Licensing Game

How to Win at the Oracle Licensing Game : Introducing ROCS

How to Win at the Oracle Licensing Game : Introducing ROCS


RENAPS’ Oracle Compliance Solution

Introducing ROCS


Oracle. It’s the world’s second largest software company.

Its database is used by over 300,000 businesses around the world. It’s indeed a software giant whose products are quasi indispensable to running a business.

As IT consultants, my company RENAPS has made a living selling Oracle licenses and helping organizations with their Oracle products. We are certified Oracle partners. We know the ins and outs of Oracle products and develop products and services to enable our clients to get the most from their Oracle environment.

Unless you are an expert, it’s very easy to be misled by technology license agreements. Licensing complexity, subtle licensing rule changes or price increases, lack of clarity can all lead to non-compliance. In a large organization with multiple licenses, the risk of non-compliance is very high and can lead to serious penalties. In fact, our research uncovered 90% Oracle non-compliance in the cases we examined. (Thankfully, we uncovered these non-compliance cases before they turned into costly non-compliance penalties. Others have not been that lucky.)

Don’t be caught with your head in the sand

In order to help organizations reach optimal usage of their Oracle licenses and be compliant, we have developed an offer combining software and service. We call it ROCS: RENAPS Oracle Compliance Solution. It’s the only Oracle Compliance offer that combines both services and sophisticated software. You can learn more about it here.

The objective is to reach a state where your organization is both Oracle compliant and optimizing its Oracle resources.


Our 9 question Oracle Risk Assessment survey will give you instant insight into your compliance risk level. Simply fill out the form and you’ll receive your risk assessment results.

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