Master Note For Known Causes of FRM-92101 Error In Forms 10gR2

Master Note For Known Causes of FRM-92101 Error In Forms 10gR2

APPLIES TO: Oracle Forms

Oracle Forms - Version 10.1.2 to [Release 10.1.2 to]
Information in this document applies to any platform.

PURPOSE: failure in the Forms Server during startup

Checked for Version Accuracy- 07-Feb-2011

This note provides the most famous and popular situations where the error "FRM-92101: There was a failure in the Forms Server during startup.  " can be encountered.


I. Forms Configuration issues.

1) Form is not recompiled using the option COMPILE_ALL=YES

Compile the form using COMPILE_ALL=YES 
e.g. module=[FormName] type=FORM userid=[user/pwd@db] COMPILE_ALL=YES.... 

Note 444690.1 Forms FRM-92050, FRM-92100, FRM-92101, FRM-92102 Reference Guide


2) Load balancer is used, but session binding mechanism is not correctly set.

Note 268830.1 Webcache Won't Load Balance 2 Forms Instances 
Note 465583.1 FRM-92102 When Using A Software Load Balancer With Forms 
Note 563817.1 Using Apache 2 "mod_proxy_balancer" in Load Balancing Forms


3) Long Running Query prevents the Forms Runtime process from acknowledging the client that it is in a waiting state.

Note 271611.1 Long Running Query / Procedure Causes Web Deployed Forms to Disconnect? 
Note 415758.1 FRM-92101- HTTP Server Timeout at Long Running Queries


4) WorkingDirectory is incorrectly set in the formsweb.cfg file

Note 313050.1 Form Fails With FRM-92101 And Java.Lang.Numberformatexception: For input string "" 
Note 334369.1 How To Set FORMS_PATH For Different Forms Applications Running in Static Mode 
Note 1434888.1 FRM-92101: Unable To Switch To Working Directory


5) FORMS_TIMEOUT is set to a value smaller than HEARTBEAT

Note 549735.1 Description List For Parameters Affect Timeout In Webforms 
Note 375585.1 Is it Possible To Avoid the Error Message FRM-93652 or FRM-92101 When Form Session Times Out ?


6) JVM Termination due to OS signals

Note 286584.1 - Getting Error FRM-92102 Intermittently with JVM Termination in Application.log


7) NLS related settings when activating Forms traces

Note 371444.1 FRM-92101 When Enabling Tracing In Webform For Any Tracegroup


8) NLS_LANG faulty settings

Note 433763.1 FRM-92101 and FRM-93000 when using Javabean on UNIX


9) Tracegroup is set in the URL

Note 434881.1 Form Hangs When Tracegroup Is Enabled

10) A log file grew more than 2GB (default-web-access.log)

Note 338805.1  OC4J_BI_Forms Instance Keeps Restarting Repeatedly. Connection Fail With one of FRM-92102-FRM-92101-FRM-92100



11) Formservlet is not redeployed after installation of patch 9593176.

Note 1188127.1 Oracle Forms Bundle Patch Frequently Asked Questions 

Note 1058514.1 Forms Servlet (frmsrv.jar) Not Updated After Patching to 


II. Specific form related issues.

II. a) RUN_REPORT_OBJECT related issues

Note 553840.1 How To Troubleshoot Frm-92101 When Using Run_Report_Object to Call Reports


1) Call RUN_REPORT_OBJECT when webutil is used

Note 365320.1 Webutil and Run_Report_Object Conflict, FRM-92101



Note 342291.1 Forms 10g RUN_REPORT_OBJECT Fails With FRM-92101 / FRM-93000 on Red Hat Linux



 Note 795092.1  RUN_REPORT_OBJECT Fails with FRM-92101 When REPORT_FILENAME is NULL


4) Calling a report after setting REPORT_FILENAME property to a file with length > 75 characters 

Note 444222.1 FRM-41203: Integration Error: Invalid parameterlist id Appears While Running Forms with Longer REPORT_FILENAME Parameter


5) Entering invalid password when running a form generated by Headstart 

Note 392495.1 FRM-92101 When Wrong User Connection Instead Of ORA-1017 With Headstart Generated Form


II. b) WEBUTIL related issues

1) Using WEBUTIL.CLIENT_HOST in blocking mode

Note 452473.1 Webutil Clienthost Throws FRM-92102 Exception When Closing Notepad 15 Mins After Opening


2) Using Webutil_file.Directory_filtered_list on a Folder that Contains More than 1500 Files 

Note 465110.1 FRM-92101 or FRM-40735 When Using Webutil_file.Directory_filtered_list on a Folder that Contains More then 1500 Files


3) Webutil library is attached to another library on Vista

Note 736075.1  Running Forms Including Webutil on Vista causes "APPCRASH" error in the Browser, and FRM-92101


4) Writing more than 10922 Lines using CLIENT_TEXT_IO

Note 341899.1  WUC-14 And WUC-12 While Writing Many Lines by CLIENT_TEXT_IO


5) Uploading a file using Webutil upload functionality

Note 865610.1 Error FRM-92101 When Trying to Upload a File Using Webutil Upload Functionality



II. c) Other issues

1) Scroll bar issues after applying

Note 417048.1 Form Crashes With FRM-92101 After Applying Patchset


2) Mouse Scroll Wheel issues after applying

Note 457919.1 After Updating To Forms Mouse Scroll Wheel Crashes Forms: FRM-41839 FRM-92101


3) Background / Foreground Color is set and Fill Pattern is set to None

Note 359934.1 FRM-92101 When Forms Window Has Background / Foreground Color Set and Fill Pattern Set to None 
Note 417693.1 FRM-92101 When Opening Forms Application that contains Block Scrollbar


4) Tree nodes and

Note 362442.1 Assertion Failed Error and FRM-92101 With Usage Of When-Mouse-Doubleclick Trigger For a Tree.


5) Using SET_VA_PROPERTY('Xx',Xx_color, NULL);

Note 356718.1 FRM-92101 Using Set_va_property('Xx',Xx_color, X); When X=Null


6) Canceling a query when Interactive Mode is set to Non-Blocking



7) Calling RDBMS package while not connected

Note 388106.1 FRM-92101 FRM-93000 When Forms Not Connected And A Stored Program unit is called (eg DBMS Package) 


8) Using PLSQL_TABLE.* functions in the Forms trigger

Note 271249.1 FRM-92101 When Running A Form Based On Stored Procedure and Using PLSQL_TABLE


9) Calling a DB package with nested table

Note 271412.1 form Crashes If Passing Record Type Variable With Nested Table From The Database


10) Stack Overflow

Note 405057.1 FRM-92101,FRM-93000 While Using Javabean to Export Data From RDBMS to Excel


11) Bean Area CANVAS property is set to NULL

Note 580337.1 How To Avoid FRM-92101 If no Canvas is Attached to a Java Bean Item


12) Using TO_VARIANT  built-in

Note 422024.1 Forms 9i or Fail With FRM-92101 When Using TO_VARIANT


13) Modifying a form with attached libraries in the builder before connecting to Database

Note 330497.1 Form With WebUtil.pll Attached Unexpectedly Crashes At Runtime With FRM-92101


14)  Modifying the expired password, but the new password does not meet the conditions defined in PASSWORD_VERIFY_FUNCTION

Note 755377.1 Frm-92101 While Changing Password During Logon


III. Platform configuration issues.

1) Windows heapsize

Note 187455.1 FRM-92101, FRM-92050 and FRM-93000 Error When Running Forms After a Relatively Small Number (50 - 80) of Concurrent Connections and No New Connection Possible

Note 393163.1 How To Check Utilization of "Desktop Heap" on MS Windows Platforms Using "dheapmon"


2) Windows updates have been installed on the client

Note 362085.1 Getting FRM-92101 If Windows Client Using Sun JDK plug-in 1.4.x Has MS KB912945 Patch Installed


3) Maximum number of processes per user (maxuprc) is small.

Note 565774.1 FRM-92101 occurs when more than 200 sessions connect to Forms on HP-UX


4) Using Windows WLBS Drainstop

Note 559703.1 Forms Sessions Being Terminated When Using WLBS Drainstop


5) Improper replacing of forms run time files on the fly

Note 286762.1 How to Replace Forms Runtime Files in Production Environments 'On The Fly' 
Note 151618.1 "Unable to Replace .fmx Files 'On The Fly' During Forms Runtime"


6) kernel.threads-max is set to a low value

Note 375478.1 FRM-92101 And Internal Server Error When Creating A New Session


7) LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is not set in the default.env

Note 304781.1 Forms Hangs Intermittently On Redhat AS 3 with FRM-92100


8) openmotif is of higher version

Note 312276.1 FRM-92101 Starting Test Module in a Fresh Installed Oracle Applicationserver


9) Too Many Open Files fs.file-max

Note 415448.1 FRM-92101 Formsweb: Java.Io.Ioexception: Too Many Open Files on Linux 
Note 422143.1 How To Find The Number Of Open Files For a Process Name and Process pid?


10) Installing new JDK version on AIX

Note 417208.1 REP-0132: COULD NOT START A JVM AFTER UPGRADE OF JDK TO 142 CA142-200604 (SR5) 
Note 417075.1 Getting FRM-92101 / Frmweb_dump after installing new jdk version on AIX


11) Forms MAKEFILE error when upgrading to



12) No swap devices configured

- Terminate some processes (preferably ones that are using a lot of virtual memory)

- Add swap space to your system. The method for adding swap space to a system varies 
between UNIX variants: consult your operating system documentation or vendor for details.

You can use the commands listed below for adding, deleting, and monitoring the system swap areas for the associated operating system: 

SUN Solaris                       #/usr/sbin/swap -l 
HP 9000 Series HP-UX     # /etc/swapinfo 
Digital UNIX                      % /usr/sbin/swapon -s 
IBM RS/6000 AIX            % /etc/lsps -a

Note 17094.1 TECH: Unix Virtual Memory, Paging & Swapping explained
Note 69083.1 Common UNIX Commands Available on Most UNIX Platforms 


13) Solaris 10 installation is missing some packages and patches

Note 554628.1 Running Test Form on Fresh Installation of Application Server on Solaris 10 Gives Error: FRM-92101


14) Using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT on Solaris 

Note 846950.1 Forms 10g RUN_REPORT_OBJECT Fails With FRM-92101 / FRM-93000 on Solaris


15) EXECUTE_QUERY or Scrolling on Solaris

Note: 888244.1 FRM-92101 When Executing EXECUTE_QUERY Built-in Concurrently or Scrolling in a Master-Detail Block




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