Oracle® Database 11g

Oracle® Database 11g

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RENAPS Technology offers strategic training paths for the certification skills required to support today’s Oracle® technologies, while offering a broad curriculum of application focused courses for clients looking to implement new/upgraded business applications.

Oracle® Database 11g: Administration Workshop I

Oracle® Database 11g allows users to innovate faster, manage more data with advanced table partitioning and compression, protect data and integrate 3D spatial and rich media content into business processes. This course is designed to teach you about the Oracle® Database 11g architecture.

Oracle® Database 11gR2: Data Guard for Administrators

This four-day class covers the implementation and administration of Oracle® Data Guard. Students will gain knowledge on the installation, configuration and monitoring of the Oracle® Data Guard. In addition, the student will learn both the physical and logical standby modes of Data Guard as well as industry “best practices” to maximize data availability.

Performance Tuning Oracle® Database 11gR2

This class is designed for the DBA, system administrator, developer, or technical consultant who wishes to learn how to tune Oracle® databases on the Linux or UNIX operating systems for maximum performance.

Oracle® ASM Implementation and Administration

Oracle® ASM has become the foundation of Oracle® storage management for Oracle® 10g and 11g. The flexibility and performance characteristics have made ASM extremely popular in a very short time. This course is designed to quickly and efficiently introduce the student to ASM and its features and nuances. This class includes both lectures and class labs, based on Oracle® Database 11g Release 2.

Oracle® GoldenGate 11g - Fundamentals for Administrators

This 5 day course covers the architecture behind the technology followed by the GoldenGate product, covers both installation and de-installation of the product, discusses the main GoldenGate parameters and provides a methodical approach to the configuration process.