Oracle® Software Assets Control

License Control for Oracle

Optimize your Oracle® costs with ultimate insight into your data

Automated analysis and reporting for Oracle® License Management

Automated analysis and reporting for Oracle® License Management

Take the surprise out of Oracle® contracts and maintenance costs. License Control for Oracle® is a specialized solution that ensures you pay the lowest price for Oracle licensing. This dedicated tool collects every piece of Oracle® software data, then optimizes your Oracle® licenses and contracts to reduce costs.

License Control helps you before Oracle® audits and reviews, so you can be fully confident about the results. Get a clear view of your Oracle® usage to make informed contract decisions and lower your maintenance costs.

Automated analysis and reporting for Oracle® License Management
Get an “oracle” for your Oracle® License Management
Get an “oracle” for your Oracle® License Management

Get an “oracle” for your Oracle® License Management

It’s a challenge to know whether your Oracle® environment is compliant. Oracle®’s licensing schemes are complex and opaque, making compliance a moving target.

A primary difficulty is calculating Oracle®’s licenses, depending on processor metrics, core factors and virtualization configurations. License Control knows every rule and runs a detailed calculation for core factors and virtualization dependencies to produce accurate results.

License Control takes complex situations into consideration such as false positives, Solaris containers, VMWare with versions, AIX LPAR, and HP-UX virtualization. Now you will know what Oracle® licenses you need.

  • Automatically collects data

    Discovers what Oracle® products are installed and all licensing relevant data, even in highly virtualized data centers

  • Covers every metric and rule

    Covers every Oracle® licensing model and metric, and includes all Oracle® licensing rules and rule updates—even for acquired companies

  • Shows all contracts together

    Consolidates and manages all of your Oracle® contracts in a single detailed database for a unified view

Data you can trust
Data you can trust

Data you can trust

License Control sees what Oracle® sees for your databases, options, data packages, and hardware -- so you know the data is reliable.

Using discovery technology, License Control knows how to find your Oracle® data, and most importantly, how to interpret it. It’s a great alternative to installing some License Management Services (LMS) measurement tools, and you can produce the reports required for a ULA certification declaration.

Software assets control (overview)

Built by Oracle® insiders

Built by a team of Oracle® insiders,
and led by our chief developer who worked at Oracle® for 22 years.

Supported by Oracle® experts

Our in-house Oracle® licensing and contracts specialists provide consulting and managed services that are tailored to your needs.

Continuously developed

Research is the heart of our technology. We keep on top of what Oracle® is doing, so License Control is always accurate.

License Control for Oracle® is the fastest route to mastering your Oracle® environment. Here’s an overview of its deeper capabilities and their benefits to you.

See clearly into your Oracle future

Simple, fast data gathering

Scan your network with agentless technology to discover what Oracle® products are installed, even in large environments with thousands of servers.

See the big picture

Discover all Oracle® installations and usage details like editions, packs, and options, so you aren't surprised by forgotten deployments.

View inventory in a dashboard

View the collected data clearly in a dashboard, including machine types, virtualization dependencies, and total number of products.

Manage your ULAs

Ensure that each Unlimited License Agreement covers all of Oracle®’s products and options that you expect, so there are no surprise costs.

Uncover cost-saving potential

See where you can optimize the activated options, such as frequency and date of last usage.

Consolidate the servers

Discover the possible consolidations in your data center with reports on the CPU and memory consumption of servers.

Manage by CSI numbers

Manage the details of your contractual obligations, and allocate contracts by Customer Support Identifier to your deployments.

Decide your options

utomatically see which database options are activated and why, so you can turn off the mistakes.

Stay alert

Set up automatic alerts to notify you when packages are activated or usage exceeds a set threshold.

Detailed compliance reports

Get automatic reports that detail your risk of non-compliance for Oracle® licenses.

Seamless with SmartTrack

When you’re ready to optimize other vendors, you can easily move to our SmartTrack platform, for full-featured software license management.